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How do I commission you?

You direct message me on Twitter when commissions are open. Inquiries should also be directed to there.

What kind of content will you not draw?

Anthro Furry, Complex Mecha, Gore, Explicit NSFW


What kind of information will you need from me?

For Character Illustrations and Persona Icons, I usually send a form to be filled out. For A4 Poster Illustrations and Emotes/Badges, you will have to provide me with a Google Doc with details on what you want, plus your email address for the invoice. Please keep it short.

Will you draw lewd art for me?

Lewd is fine, just no explicit R18 content such as handholding.

How do I pay you?

When it is your turn on the waitlist, I will send a Paypal Invoice and you can pay it via Paypal or Credit Card.

How long will my commission take?

Depends on the commission type.

Refer to the WAITLIST

Can I secure a slot before the waitlist opens?

No. Wait for an opening.

When do commissions open?

Commissions open for ONE HOUR every two months. The opening times are announced on Twitter.

Can I pay to get my commission faster? Do you have a rush fee?

I have a waitlist skip / rush fee that lets you skip the queue for double your commission's price. Guaranteed next-day delivery.

Can I ask for changes on my commission?

During the sketch? Yes. After I have already colored and finished drawing? No. If you really want me to change things after you've approved them, there will be an additional fee.

Are your commissions open?

Refer to my display name on Twitter.

Refund policy?

No refunds.

How will you send me my finished commission?

I'll send you your full-resolution files via email.

Will you do it for a shoutout? Can I pay you with exposure?

Go fuck yourself.

Is there a limit to the number of types of commissions someone can request in one go?

The only limit is your wallet.

What kind of references should I include?

As much as possible, visual references are ideal. Please avoid too many words/unnecessary lore.

Do I have the rights to do whatever with the commission I get from you?

You can do whatever you want with it except reselling.

Can I pay you after the product is finished?

No payment, no product to finish.

What is your stance on less well-known characters?

Doesn't matter as long as I get paid.

Do you have a blacklist?

Yes for particularly disruptive clients. You'll know if you're blacklisted. The blacklist itself is not public.

How do I get off the blacklist?

You don't. If you're on there, that means I don't want to work with you.

Do you do all your commissions on stream or could you work on mine off stream?

Tell me in advance if you don't want me to stream your commission.

How long does the waitlist last?

Usually I get enough people to have the waitlist closed for two months or so.

I have a reference sheet. Do I still need to fill out the Character Illustration form?


Would you like to read seven paragraphs about my character's backstory that is in no way relevant to the drawing I'm making you do?

Would you like to be blacklisted?

What details would make a commission cost extra?

Huge messy blocks of text that are hard to understand, complex character designs/outfits, weapons, multiple characters, and overall difficulty of execution.

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