The Artist

Hello there! I'm Keith Montalbo, a 26-year-old digital artist currently based in Manila, Philippines! I go by the name Ravenide on art and gaming communities.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Arts and work as a freelance illustrator for a variety of people on the internet.

I dream to someday be competent enough to support myself abroad, as there are way more opportunities in other countries compared to the Philippines. Hopefully in the years to come, I can be close to accomplishing that!


Digital Art and Illustration

Graphic Design

3D Modeling and Animation

Photo Manipulation




Basic Japanese

Basic Chinese

Professional Info

Right after graduating, I immediately continued the Freelancing jobs I did during college, as it helped support me financially while also developing my skillset as an illustrator.

I have worked for several clients, ranging from YouTubers to Photography Studios, etc.

Work Experience



Graphics and Content Specialist for Ubiquity Global Services

Photography and Videography Trainee for Studio [K]

Photomanipulation Trainee for MetroClick

Monster-maker for Neon Fest


Personal artist for the following and many, many more:

Mark Darling

Jeniffer Hays

Rene Mikkelsen

Nick Bymolt

Anne-Mette Pedersen

Oliver Frost

Bradley Hilton

William-Kevin Yee

Charles Boyd

Conor Hyland

Tenelle Sumner

Shaun Spalding

Shawn Hagenah

Stephen Thomas

Gabriella Suwanda

David Szewerniak

Jack Goldsworth

Jason Flinn

Josh Matthews

Michael McLevie

Kevin Parker

Christine Obrien

Derrick Sartain

Gemma Smith

Liming Chen

Kori White

Jordan Francis

Bart Hirst

Micajah McLendon

Jonfi Paris

Maanasan Selvakumar

Kim Stringer

Kadir Demir


De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde

I am a graduate of the Multimedia Arts program, and was a consistent Dean's Lister up until my graduation. During college, I excelled particularly in Graphic Design, Illustration, and 3D Animation